After a childhood filled with daily karate lessons, Bible readings, weekly goal sheets, homeschooling and non traditional living arrangements, in 1998 Dorcas set foot on a yoga mat and something shifted. She knew immediately she was hooked. She also knew she was a little bit afraid of becoming a vegan-eating-hippie that spews new age rhetoric and loves everyone. But she dove in head first anyway as there was a real passion and a calling. After 22 years of study and practice, her worst fears have come true, but she is no longer afraid. In fact, she is more inspired, powerful and alive by the transformative practice of yoga than she has ever been. Her small understanding of herself in the world has been radically expanded, first through the physical practice of yoga and the study of yoga and Ayurveda (sister science of yoga) with masters and teachers around the world. Then her years of traveling to far flung places with her life long partner, Adam, enlightened her understanding of humanity and peaked her interest in human psychology and the role of religion and spirituality in life. Rooting into home between 2008-2018, she transitioned from maiden to mother during the home births of her 3 kids, which ultimately opened a doorway to a much deeper, life changing relationship with yoga and life. A dedicated practice of meditation became a necessity and in this most recent phase, Dorcas employs all the tools of yoga (physical, mental, spiritual) to (attempt to) lead a balanced, inspired life.

Dorcas is a wearer of many hats and has enjoyed successes in many careers, but she is always a student and a teacher. Currently she is serving her growing children and hard working husband while remotely owning and directing the operations of multiple yoga studios and training programs at in Frederick, Maryland USA. Her move across the world New Caledonia in 2014 has had a profound impact on her life and introduced her to new people and deep relationships. The shift has also rekindled her love of travel and adventure and expanded her teaching engagements to include global retreats. Despite her transient life and many hats, you’ll find her to be very down to earth.


Dorcas is very happy to have a home at Yoga Source, which has felt like coming home since her first visit.